Brief Message from the Director of ArtsLehigh

A few highlights that have happened in Bethlehem while students were away on break:

  1. Touchstone presented their 10th annual production of the Christmas City . Audience members got to see who won the battle for Christmas Tree honors in “Angel vs. Star” from the Morning Call
  2. The First Annual Peeps Fest happened. Looper’s won the Peeps dessert prize for their “Peep Show Peepsadilla” A grilled quesadilla featuring peanut butter, chocolate chips and chipotle peppers along with the Green Xmas Tree Peeps.
  3. First Night Bethlehem rang in 2010 with music, reverie, fireworks and the annual Peep Drop. from Flickr
  4. Bethlehem Skate Plaza broke ground. News story

Caught up? Good. Now brace yourself for another great semester.

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We hope you are ready for some experiences that may entice, excite, enlighten or even transform you.  Welcome back.

~Silagh White