Kudos to Lehigh OFYE for supporting the Green the Block effort

So what’s the big deal about the OFYE (Office of First Year Experiences) New Student orientation programs? Lehigh University knows that student transition to college life takes a while. It’s more than just organizing a dorm room and getting a course schedule. The OFYE program, called “Evolution” allows time for personal reflection on who students are as individuals, and as part of a community. As they reflect on this, they spend time clarifying their intentions while at Lehigh. Academic success is a long haul. Course work is strenuous. Social life can be a breeze, if you find a people with whom you relate. For some students, life outside of the classroom can be challenging until you feel accepted by your new community.

The Office of First Year Experience puts a their expertise into many programs that help the student acclimate to their new environment.  The program encourages students to open their minds to new ideas and opportunities. And there is a STRONG emphasis on being involved. During the students’ first year, this office has a particular focus on four developmental areas:

Intellectual Exploration- Exploring not only how you learn best, but also developing an appreciation for life-long learning.

Individual Identity Development- Exploring and understanding your personal attitudes, beliefs, and feelings about yourself and answering the classic question “Who Am I?”

Interpersonal Relationships- Understanding who you are in relationship to others and how to evaluate the relationships you develop with your new community of students, faculty and staff.

Community Development- Developing a sense of personal responsibility for promoting the growth of the larger community and recognizing how your individual contributions can impact it.

Just learned that Lehigh’s new student orientation program is supporting the “Green the Block” effort by including it on the list of “out of class” experiences. There’s a lot of cooperation among facilitators to get this kind of support.

Can’t wait to see who turns up.