Making the Most of the South Side Film Festival

Art is a complex, obscure and evolving creature.  Its power and influence can soar beyond the grasp of words, yet without our engagement its wonder is futile.  As a dancer, I am no stranger to the amazing capacity of art, and while it has always played a crucial role in my life, there are certain periods that were enhanced by an increase in my dedication and devotion.   Art, in any form, provides the best results when its audience is knowledgeable and prepared to absorb its significance; and film is no exception. 


With the South Side Film Festival rolling into town in only a few days, I have set out to make the most of the event by informing myself through some preliminary research.   Sure it’s fun to stroll down to the festival and randomly watch any one of the great films, but there are so many other amazing aspects of the event that you miss out on by taking that route.  With a minimal amount of time and effort you can embrace the festival to its full-extent, and treat yourself to all the rewards that come with true artistic awareness. 


This year it’s particularly easy to get in the loop thanks to the hard-working festival volunteers. has anything and everything you need to know before Tuesday’s kick-off.  From event tickets to party invites, this website has all the makings to ensure your festival experience is an unforgettable one.  There are even separate links for each film with synopses and director bios. 


On my search for SSFF knowledge, I learned a great deal about the parties, the films, and the people that made them, but most importantly I came to the realization that the paramount value of the festival lies beyond all of these factors.  The festival, and all its glory, is only possible because of the inspirational stories behind the films.  Whether it’s Dmitiriy Salita’s destruction of stereotypes on his quest to become a professional boxer in “Orthodox Stance,” or John Lokitis’s fight to protect his hometown from complete disintegration in “The Town That Was,” each and every film is driven by a touching human experience.  Do yourself a favor and learn these stories…let them lift your spirits, ignite your passion, and touch your soul…what have you got to lose?