From Five Hours in the Future

Greetings students, friends, and fellow world wanderers!

My name is Deborah, I’m a junior studying philosophy abroad at St. Catherine’s College–part of the University of Oxford. I’ll be here until July. Oxford is in England–the land of tomahtoes, mates, blokes, football played primarily with feet, and bangers and mash… I’ve been here for 52 days, that’s 7.42 weeks and 1.7-ish months. I’ve learned a lot so far and part of my purpose on this blog is to write about what I’ve learned.

Living in another country means you feel like an idiot much of the time. Never have I been so conscious of my nationality, nor have I ever felt like hiding it–until now. Nor did I know knackered is another word for tired, trollied means drunk, or that pants (or knickers!) refer underwear, but hey! C’est la vie. With each day, I learn a little more about life here in Oxford, England, the UK, and Europe. Each day I feel a little more at home, but be it 300 miles or 3,497 miles away, I’m not home and that is exciting.

A beautiful and historic place to walk, with all due respect.

Cemetery on St. Cross Road, a beautiful and historic place.


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  1. Great to hear from you! How’s the pub life? I hope it’s extreme intellectual stimulation

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